The Absolute

 At the peak of Gurdjieff’s cosmology is the highest of all manifestations and their source, the Absolute. The seven levels in the Ray of Creation represent states of being, stages in a human’s possible evolution. They also represent distinct levels of consciousness. This paradigm is echoed in the seven chakras of yoga and in the seven rooms of St. Teresa’s Interior Castle.

The idea of reaching higher than our everyday state, of human transformation, is not a weird, occult concept. Traditional Christian texts are permeated with this idea, to become more, to be born again, to put on the New Man.

Religion instructs people how to behave as if they had a conscience. Mysticism is direct experience of that conscience.

Christianity is the most human of all the religions, based on a God who became a human to speak directly to the human condition. As the world moves further and further away from humanity and toward a robotic and mechanized technical prison, we need more than ever a religion and mysticism that speak directly to the human experience and its potential for higher transformation.

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