Intellectuals are Stupid

Lopsided development produces monsters – hysterical drama queens, hedonist jocks, or smug know it all intellectuals. None of these will bring happiness to the unbalanced person and will repel other people.

When Gurdjieff spoke of “the harmonious development of man,” he pointed the way to emotional and physical intelligence. Thinking is slow. Although logic is essential for many parts of life, emotional insights are way faster. Physical intelligence leads to a healthier life.

The only ones who don’t know intellectuals are stupid are the intellectuals themselves. The rest of the world laughs at them. But people who develop just the emotions or body are stupid too. The smart person is the one who develops them equally in balance. Generally they are all confused for one another. Someone says “I think,” when a feeling is being expressed, or confuses physical irritability for anger. Learning to tell the three apart is one of the early exercises of self observation.

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