Up the Ladder

AlchemistThe Observing Self is an awareness independent of a person’s trains of thought, miasma of emotions and physical movements. When there is significant continuity of self observation, those manifestations begin to seem more and more as “Other,” something that runs on automatic, apart from that observing awareness.

The more self observation grows, the less a person is trapped in the mechanical manifestations of the lower chakras and becomes free of them.

When self observation becomes permanent, it is self remembering, a higher state of consciousness. In that state, the ability to generate and sustain higher emotion is possible, the rocket fuel of consciousness.

The Infernal Monologue

Any attempt to stop thought will reveal the impossibility of that approach. It’s like diving into a raging river and trying to stop its flow by swimming upstream. One of the reasons psychedelics give a brief glimpse of higher consciousness is their ability to stop the drone of endless thought completely by attracting attention to other sensory experiences.

Fourth Way has powerful techniques for recognizing and getting free of the internal monologue not by trying to halt the process, but by developing an awareness that transcends it. When that awareness grows and gains prominence, mechanical thought eventually ceases. Thinking is way more powerful when it is engaged in at will for a distinct purpose.

What would it be like to have that ability as a permanent state? When the mind is emptied of association-linked automatic chatter it is not void, but filled with the glory and spontaneity of creation.

Be still and know that I am God.