Fourth Way Books

In Search of the Miraculous Books by Ouspensky 

In Search of the Miraculous. Ouspensky, Peter D.,Harcourt, Brace, 1949

     Reads like an astonishing novel, giving an in-depth look at the young Ouspensky interacting with Gurdjieff and his early methods and students. Very atmospheric with the tumult of the Russian Revolution and Ouspensky’s search for meaning. The basics of the Fourth Way system are entwined with adventure and mysterious events. A must-read for anyone wanting to know Gurdjieff and Ouspensky and their times. Mystical and informative.

     Like many books of the era, the volume is quite text dense. It is filled with occult terms and diagrams that are enormously and unnecessarily complicated. These contain elements of truth which could be more easily attained without all the pseudo-scientific red herrings.

The Psychology of Man's Possible EvolutionThe Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution. Ouspensky, Peter D.,Vintage, 1973

     The Fourth Way system in a succinct nutshell. Lays out each basic principle and practice in uncluttered and unambiguous language. This clarity and brutal honesty is condemned to repel most readers, whose egos will succumb to such a direct assault of truth. Also, the books’ simplicity will lead many to miss its astonishing and new perspectives.

The Fourth Way OuspenskyThe Fourth Way. Ouspensky, Peter D.,Vintage, 1971

     The best detailed and in-depth information on the techniques of Fourth Way. Topics are listed for each chapter, wherein Ouspensky gives lectures followed by numerous questions from his students. His answers are lengthy and detailed. The index is very useful for looking up methods or concepts you are stuck on to get clarity. An essential reference book.

     The book is text heavy. Some of the student questions seem irrelevant or silly. There is some meandering into occult symbolism.