The Infernal Monologue

Any attempt to stop thought will reveal the impossibility of that approach. It’s like diving into a raging river and trying to stop its flow by swimming upstream. One of the reasons psychedelics give a brief glimpse of higher consciousness is their ability to stop the drone of endless thought completely by attracting attention to other sensory experiences.

Fourth Way has powerful techniques for recognizing and getting free of the internal monologue not by trying to halt the process, but by developing an awareness that transcends it. When that awareness grows and gains prominence, mechanical thought eventually ceases. Thinking is way more powerful when it is engaged in at will for a distinct purpose.

What would it be like to have that ability as a permanent state? When the mind is emptied of association-linked automatic chatter it is not void, but filled with the glory and spontaneity of creation.

Be still and know that I am God.

Esoteric Christianity and the Sixties

Seekers during the Sixties, like the present generation, rejected traditional religious paths, but there is one very big difference. They did not throw out the baby with the bath water. While rejecting fundamental practices, they looked deeper into religion itself for life transforming experience.

Fourth Way mindfulness is not a form of elitism, but can be viewed as esoteric Christianity since very similar methods were practiced by early Christians, Gnostics, and contemplative monks. Self observation has core traits in common with some forms of Buddhist meditation.

The difference lies in Fourth Way’s insistence on being in the world rather than drawing away from it, and using everyday experiences as stepping stones to higher consciousness.