Up the Ladder

AlchemistThe Observing Self is an awareness independent of a person’s trains of thought, miasma of emotions and physical movements. When there is significant continuity of self observation, those manifestations begin to seem more and more as “Other,” something that runs on automatic, apart from that observing awareness.

The more self observation grows, the less a person is trapped in the mechanical manifestations of the lower chakras and becomes free of them.

When self observation becomes permanent, it is self remembering, a higher state of consciousness. In that state, the ability to generate and sustain higher emotion is possible, the rocket fuel of consciousness.

A Measure of Free Will

Socrates was deemed by the Oracle of Delphi to be the wisest man in ancient Athens because he was honest enough to admit he knew virtually nothing. Once a person quits lying over what he can truly control in himself and what is mechanical, he realizes there is not much left.

Man is made in God’s image but only given a small amount of free will. The rest is completely out of his control, mechanical – no more self-controlled than the motions of a wind-up toy.

How to find a way out of this morass? The mechanical will reveal itself with a moderate amount of self observation because the mechanical is always negative without exception. It takes a measure of free will to turn away from it. With a consistent practice of honesty and learning not to identify with the mechanical, that small measure can grow into a larger consciousness. It takes a measure of free will to love.